General terms and conditions 

Access to and browsing of this website is subject to these General Terms and Conditions of Use, which include the General Conditions of Sale of the online store and the Privacy Policy displayed on the page called "Privacy Policy" presented by the commercial society YOURAPP, Lda, NIPC 514333278, with its headquarters in Rua Padre Avis de Brito, 189, 4760-234, Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal, hereinafter referred to as Yourself Apparel,  by reference to the registered trademark which it holds.


The sales made via the online store presuppose the customer has accepted the General Conditions of Sale that are established in compliance with the legislation applicable to the electronic retail category.

Yourself Apparel reserves the right, however, to change these General Conditions of Sale without prior notice and is obliged to publish any changes to this website.

Yourself Apparel is not responsible for any situations generated by the unavailability of the website, whatever its duration, and reserves the right to limit the access to certain areas within the website for technical reasons or to comply with legal obligations.


The object of the present General Terms and Conditions of use is to define the conditions of access and use of the website by a customer who wishes to purchase on this online store. The General Conditions of Sale are intended to regulate the processing terms of the commercial transactions between Yourself Apparel and the Customer. The Privacy Policy aims to identify privacy protection measures regarding the processing of personal data and the free circulation of such data, including personalized data management tools provided by the customers.

1 - General sales conditions 

Ordering and purchasing process

Payment options and deadlines – Once an order has been placed in the customer's account, the customer has a deadline, shown in the selected method of payment, to pay for that order. If this deadline comes to pass without any confirmation of payment, the order will be canceled.

1.1 Yourself Apparel has the following payment options available for purchases made at its online store:

Credit Card

The customer will be able to pay using a credit card and take advantage of the liquidity and payment deadlines offered by his/her bank.

All transactions on our website are secure.

Is it safe to pay online using my credit card?

Yourself Apparel uses a sophisticated fraud detection and prevention mechanism. This solution makes it possible to verify the authenticity of online payments, while simultaneously ensuring our customers' data integrity and security, as well as their identification.

This security feature is provided via SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology that encrypts communications between the customer's computer and our server so that they cannot be intercepted. Thus, Yourself Apparel reserves the right to refuse payment of any order by any transaction considered to be illicit. Any and all activities considered as illegal will be immediately reported to the competent authorities.

3D Secure: 3D Secure is a communication protocol designed to improve online payment security and enable the authentication of the card user by the credit card issuer. When paying at an online store, a credit card validation process is triggered. Should the credit card be considered valid, 3D Secure protocol security systems check the customer's identity, resorting to the credit card issuer in real time. The issuer validates the customer's identity and informs the store system that the card being used is legitimate.

The goal is to protect credit card users, minimizing the possibility of fraudulent credit card use and improving overall transaction performance. This protocol is used by Visa, as "Verified by Visa", and by Mastercard, as "Secure Code".


PayPal is a secure payment method used worldwide. For further information concerning this payment method, please visit

Save information for future PayPal transactions:

By choosing this option, the customer will not need to access the PayPal website for future orders. The amount will, automatically, be charged from the PayPal account used to subscribe to this option.

The customer can access his/her PayPal account and remove this option at any time. To do so, he/she must access the menu Profile > My Money > My preapproved payments. A list of all preapproved payments will be displayed, and from there the customer can simply cancel the payment option associated with Yourself Apparel.

Please note: Yourself Apparel does not store any customers' PayPal account login information.

Bank Transfer

In case the client prefers not to pay the order at the time of making it, he can choose to make the payment later by bank transfer. We will only proceed to send the order once we have the bank confirmation that the transfer has been made effective in our account.

Our bank details are as follows:

Bank: BPI


IBAN: PT50 0010 0000 5487 0430 0017 9


Country: Portugal

It is highly recommended to refer the order number in the observations of the bank transfer and send proof of the same to our Customer Service department to facilitate the identification of the payment and proceed to send the order.

Any additional fee charged by the bank will be charged to the customer.

The products will be reserved for 6 days. If Yourself Apparel does not receive payment for the order during that period of time, it will be canceled.

1.2 Delivery process 

All orders placed and paid for via Credit Card or PayPal will be shipped on the same day, as long as the payment is realized before 12:00 pm on a working day. Orders paid for at a later time will be shipped on the next working day.

With bank transfer payment, the order will be shipped on the day we receive payment confirmation from the bank in question.  

Should any concerns arise regarding the order (delivery address confirmation, payment verification, out-of-stock products, etc.), we will contact the client through our Customer Support. The order will not be shipped until we receive an answer to our message. If no answer is received, the order will be canceled and its payment reimbursed to the client.

Upon payment confirmation, the customer will receive a confirmation e-mail with the respective invoice. 

Orders are delivered from Monday to Friday, with the exception of national or local holidays, at the address provided by the customer when placing the order.

The customer may receive the order at whatever address he/she prefers (with the exception of PO Boxes). He/she should provide an address where he/she will be between 9 am and 7 pm. The carrier will then attempt to deliver the order at the address indicated by the customer.

Warning: Choosing a specific delivery time is not possible, as deliveries are conditioned by the routes defined by the carrier on the respective delivery date.

Providing an incorrect or incomplete address may lead to the parcel being returned to Yourself Apparel, which means additional shipping costs for the client if he/she desires for the parcel to be resent. As such, we recommend the customer makes sure that the delivery address provided when placing the order is complete and accurate. Once the order is placed, it is no longer possible to change either the delivery address or the billing details.

At Yourself Apparel, for Portuguese orders, the delivery will be fulfilled by CTT or Express CTT. For Spanish orders, the delivery will be fulfilled by Envialia. For the rest of Europe, the delivery will be fulfilled by CTT

Delivery deadlines

Mainland Portugal

Once the customer's order has been shipped, we guarantee a delivery deadline of one working day.

Madeira and Azores

Once the customer's order has been shipped, we guarantee a delivery deadline of three working days.

Spain Mainland

Once the customer's order has been shipped, we guarantee a delivery deadline of three working days.

Rest of Europe

Once the customer's order has been shipped, we guarantee a delivery deadline of five working days.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs are automatically calculated by our system. 

Shipping costs are automatically updated as the customer adds items to the shopping cart.

Refunding shipping costs

If the reason for the order returning was Yourself Apparel’s responsibility, we will bear the shipping costs (for example: defective products or products different from those ordered).

For the reimbursement to be made, independently of the payment method, the customer needs to provide his banking data. 

The customer can choose to be reimbursed via bank transfer, or by means of a reimbursement coupon to be applied to a future order. The coupon will remain valid for 12 months from its creation. After that, no further reimbursement will be issued.

If the reason for the failed delivery and consequent return of the order is of the responsibility of the carrier, independently of the payment method chosen, the customer should get in touch with Yourself Apparel so we can solve the situation with the carrier. 

Order cancellation 

The customer can only cancel the order as long as it has not yet been processed. If that's the case, he/she will have to contact Yourself Apparel, via telephone, by calling the number: +351 916700484.

Order cancellation is only possible via the previously described procedure. Any cancellation request made by any other means will not be fulfilled.

1.3 Return and Exchange Procedure


Should the customer wish to return one or more items, this can be done within 15 days after receiving the order, as long as the following conditions are fulfilled:

The customer has the purchase invoice;

The products must be returned with a label and under the same conditions in which they were received;

The products cannot have any odor, use mark or any other change, including being washed by the customer.

To exercise the right of return, the customer must contact our Customer Support. It will be necessary to specify the order number, description(s) or reference number(s) of the product(s) to be returned, and how the reimbursement is to take place. Reimbursement is possible either via bank transfer or by means of a reimbursement coupon that will remain valid for 12 months after it is issued, after which no further reimbursement can be issued.

The customer also needs to check if the product(s) he/she wishes to return was/were acquired as part of any promotional campaign, and if, for that reason, he/she received any free product(s). If that is the case, it will be necessary not only to return the product(s) in question, but also the gift added for free. Both are required to comply with the aforementioned guidelines.

It is up to the customer to send the item(s) to the following address:

Yourself Apparel

Rua do Refujão, Nº728

4905-152 Tregosa


Should any item be received and not comply any of the above-mentioned conditions, the customer will lose the right to be reimbursed and will be granted 10 days to have the item(s) picked up from the above-mentioned facilities, paying for the collection costs.


The customer will have to return the item(s), request the respective reimbursement, and subsequently place a new order.

The entire return process is described in detail in the item Returns.

Reimbursement Methods

Yourself Apparel will do everything in its power to reimburse the customer as quickly as possible. There is, however, a maximum reimbursement period of 15 days from the day the product arrives at the above-mentioned warehouse.

For the reimbursement to take place, independently of the payment method, the client must provide his bank data. 

The customer may also choose to be reimbursed via discount coupon, regardless of the original payment method used. This coupon will remain valid for 12 months from its creation date, after which it will be impossible to issue any further reimbursement.

Return Costs

Being Yourself Apparel notified and if there is confirmation of an error in the shipped product(s) or flawed product(s) have been shipped, Yourself Apparel will bear the costs of their return by collecting the product(s) in question at the delivery address.

With this purpose in mind, a collaborator from Yourself Apparel 's Customer Service team will get in touch with the customer to schedule the aforementioned collection and to provide any additional clarification on this matter.

In case the customer wants to return the product and there is not any error associated with Yourself Apparel, the return costs will be supported by the client. 

1.4 Product Information 

We take all necessary precautions to ensure that all details, descriptions, and prices of products on our website are correct. Nevertheless, situations may occur in which information regarding products, including prices and promotions, have not been published correctly. In cases like these, Yourself Apparel reserves the right not to process orders containing such products. If a customer places an order for these products, they will be contacted by our Customer Service, informing them that it will not be possible to proceed with the order process.

Orders may also be rejected due to other reasons, such as:

  • out of stock products;
  • inability to obtain payment authorization;
  • the order is considered to be fraudulent.

All products, campaigns, promotions, and offers are limited to the available stock and/or stock allocated for the campaign in question.

Regardless of the payment method, if the order contains an out of stock product, it will be removed from the order and, upon talking with the customer and if that is his/her will, we will ship the rest of the products. 

The customer can choose to be reimbursed via bank transfer, or by means of a reimbursement coupon to be applied to a future order. The coupon will remain valid for 12 months from its creation. After that, no further reimbursement will be issued.

Yourself Apparel reserves the right to change prices at any time, without prior notice. 

Payments are always charged in Euros, even though prices may be displayed in other currencies. Some banks may charge currency conversion rates. Yourself Apparel has no control over this matter and therefore takes no responsibility for it.

1.5 Promotional codes

Available promo codes cannot be combined with other promo codes.

All promo codes sent via email cannot be combined with other promo codes or with the offer of free shipping on orders over 49.99€.

When there are huge discount campaigns running (for example, 50% off on everything), promotional codes (of influencers, email, etc) are not valid. 

1.6 Suggestions and complaints 

Our customers' opinion is very important to us since it allows us to improve our services. As such, if for any reason our customers are not happy with our service, or in case they have any suggestions, we appreciate it if they can take a few minutes to report any situation, preferably by sending a message to our Customer Service team.

If the complaint is related to a specific order, customers have 30 days from the reception of the order to get in touch with our Customer Service team and report the issue detected.

If the customer received a defective or damaged product, or if the product received is different from the one he/she ordered, a video or at least some photographs that clearly show the issue detected and the state of the box in which the order was delivered must be attached to the complaint.

The customer should also keep the defective, damaged or switched product, as well as the order box, in his/her possession until told otherwise by our Customer Service team.