1. Introduction 

By browsing the Yourself Apparel's website and registering as a customer in the online store you confirm you understand and accept the present Data Protection and Privacy Policy.

Yourself Apparel cares for the defense of personal data privacy and is playing a pre-emptive role concerning the safety of the website and data protection of its customers and visitors.

New data protection measures have been implemented, both to verify the legitimacy of personal data processing and to ensure the rights granted to the subjects of said data are being observed, so as to reinforce the guarantee of personal data confidentiality. Within this scope, and through a specialization of our customer service channels, Yourself Apparel aims to promote a clearer, more objective communication of the purpose and transparency of personal data processing operations.

Thus, the information contained in this text seeks to convey in a clear, unequivocal way, the content of the data protection and privacy policy, data which will be processed in compliance with the terms of the current Data Protection and Privacy Policy (henceforth referred to as RGPD) and defined by the content of the commercial relationship to be established between the data subject and Yourself Apparel.

2.  Types of personal data processed

In general terms, personal data will be gathered in three situations directly resulting from Yourself Apparel's line of business:

2.1 User registration: Yourself Apparel customer account creation and purpose of data processing

A personal area is made available for the customer to enter the data needed for his or her identification so as to create a customer account. The first purchase will depend on the additional personal data being supplied since they are essential for his or her identification as a customer and the respective delivery of goods.

Any mandatory fields in the forms available for these registration stages are marked with an asterisk (*).

Yourself Apparel commits to protecting customer data and never make them available to a third party without the knowledge or consent of the subject, as required by law.

When processing a customer order, it is possible that certain personal data – such as address and postal code – are disclosed to third parties for the sole purpose of preventing and detecting fraud and always after being required to do so by the competent authorities.

Also, when purchasing on the website, delivery address and payment details will be requested so as to guarantee the best possible efficiency and deadline compliance.

Supplied data will be stored only for as long as strictly necessary, which is usually while the customer has an active customer account. For this reason, as soon as the customer sets the customer account cancellation process in motion, his or her personal data will be permanently deleted, except for data needed to meet legal obligations, which will be stored in a specific database and for only as long as absolutely necessary. Should the customer wish to place a new order on the website, he/she will need to register again, being subject to the terms and conditions in effect at that time.

We can also gather other information regarding customers' website experience, which we will do only after confirming the subject is aware of and, if necessary, has given specific consent for such, and with the exclusive purpose of improving customer service.

In terms of customer data update, whenever the customer wishes to check the data supplied to Yourself Apparel, he/she can do so by accessing his or her Yourself Apparel account. The customer is required to keep his or her account access information secure since any and all action taken, or request made, from his or her account will be the sole responsibility of the customer, provided that the customer identity validation procedures described below have been performed.

We advise the customer not to store his or her password in the browser since anyone else who has access to his or her computer will be able to access his or her personal data.

For what purpose are gathered data used?

Customer data are processed to perform actions such as order processing, notification of possible changes to website functionalities, surveys and interaction assessment for statistical purposes.

We can also send product and service information, campaigns, promotions and special offers by e-mail from time to time. Should the customer not wish to be contacted for said purposes, he/she can cancel his or her newsletter subscription by clicking the link made available for that specific purpose.

2.1.1 Customer contact with Yourself Apparel 

Whenever the customer, of his or her own initiative, contacts Yourself Apparel to obtain information regarding products, the purchase process, order status or to report any website-related situation, Yourself Apparel may need to gather additional personal data for several purposes, which will be specifically transmitted.

2.1.2 Yourself Apparel's contact with the customer

Yourself Apparel may need to contact the customer regarding a specific order so as to:

Confirm or correct any personal data necessary to complete the delivery process (e.g. delivery address). In these cases, the mobile phone number registered in the customer file will be contacted. 

We may also contact the customer to inform, via phone call, due to one or more articles in the order being out of stock and that as an alternative to the unavailable products there can be a full refund or a replacement of the items for similar products. 

2.2 Cookies and other marketing tools

2.2.1 Cookie classification and description

As to type: 

Essential – they allow for website browsing and functionality use. Without these cookies, requests cannot be processed.

Functionality or performance - they gather information regarding the way the user uses the website, aiming to improve the latter's functionality. Yourself Apparel is then therefore able to understand which products and promotions are more suitable to the interests and needs of the customer by drawing up statistics according to non-individual customer behavior and his or her use of the website; measuring advertising campaign effectiveness; introducing browsing improvements, etc. so as to improve the website's performance and response effectiveness. For this reason, authorized third-party performance cookies are also used with the purposes outlined herein.

Analytical - used anonymously for statistical purposes and to improve website operation, without ever gathering personal information. They allow highlighting articles that may be of interest to customers or visitors, monitoring website performance, determining the most effective way of connecting pages or even understanding why some pages are receiving error messages.

As to validity:

Permanent - they are stored in the customer's computer or device, between browser sessions, so as to keep definitions or preferences and improve website use on the next visit. Some of these cookies are supplied by authorized third parties and are limited to the following: presenting campaigns and products that may be of interest to the customer; retargeting (advertising of Yourself Apparel products on partner websites or social media without storing personal data or user profiles, meaning they do not disclose any personal data to third parties, since the advertising is completely anonymous).

Session – limited to each user login, which means they expire after logging out from the browser. Their purpose may be to show products previously added to your shopping cart, identifying problems and ensuring a better browsing experience. Some session cookies can also be a guarantee of reinforced security.

Cookies used by the Yourself Apparel website: 

_gad - Used to distinguish users

_gat - Used to throttle request rate

 _gid - Used to distinguish users

date_add - Date and time of cookie creation

id_lang - Identifies the language associated with the user

id_currency - Identifies the currency associated with the user

 last_visited_category - Identifies the last category visited by the user

ajax_blockcart_display - Cart view option to be expanded or compact

Viewed - Identifies recently viewed products separated by commas

id_whishlist - identifies the wishlist to show on the wishlist block

checkedTOS - Acceptance checkmark for terms and conditions (1 acceptance, 0 non-acceptance) 

id_guest - Identifies the user as a visitor if he/she doesn't login 

id_connections - Connection identifier for the current user session

id_customer - client ID if he/she logs in 

customer_lastname - Clients' last name

customer_firstname - Clients' first name

logged - Marker of a successful login

passwd - Encrypted client password

email - Clients' email address after logging in

id_cart - Identifier of the current cart being shown in the cart block 

checksum - Used by us to validate whether the information mentioned in the cookie is changed by third parties

_stripe_sid e _stripe_mid - Stripe is used to make credit card payments. Stripe uses a cookie to remember who you are and to enable Profoto to process payments without storing any credit card information on its own servers.

_fbp - Used by Facebook to create product ads on Facebook 

Google Doubleclick - This is an advertiser cookie which we use to help us to track the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns. It enables Google to serve our adverts on other sites based on your browsing history on our page and engagement with our adverts.

2.2.2 Activating and deactivating cookies and other similar technologies 

Newsletters and other communications may contain information to indicate if they have been opened and check if enclosed links have been clicked on, for statistical purposes. However, the customer can always cancel the newsletter and e-mail communications by selecting the option mentioned in the received communications.

Furthermore, the customer will be able to manage the use of cookies and other similar technologies in the browser's Help menu. Such as mentioned in the message on top of this page, access to the Yourself Apparel online store depends on the use of cookies, meaning that deactivating them may condition website browsing.

For more information, please check the information made available in each browser or articles containing specific information on this subject.

2.2.3 Personalized communications for product promotions

Yourself Apparel may or may not send e-mails, in the form of newsletters, through which it performs general or customer-oriented promotional campaigns. Such communications only happen after confirming the customer has expressly and unequivocally consented and that he/she has been informed of his or her right to cancel permissions granted for such purposes at any time.

Personal data processing for personal communications is handled in strict compliance with the GDPR both by Yourself Apparels' collaborators and by third parties to which the abovementioned data is disclosed for purposes of performing services necessary for launching promotional campaigns.

2.2.4 Redirection 

Some website hyperlinks will redirect the customer to external websites. By clicking on those hyperlinks, you will be leaving the Yourself Apparel website. As it's not possible to control those websites, Yourself Apparel will not be liable for any content made available there. 

2.3 Processing security 

Yourself Apparel uses one of the safest online order systems and is constantly improving its software so as to offer the best possible security to its customers. An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption of transmitted data ensures our identity. 

3. Limitation of Purpose, Access, and Retention

Yourself Apparel commits to using its customers' and visitors' personal data for purposes strictly necessary to pursuing its activity, with limitations resulting from the scope of said activity or range of consent expressly given by data subjects. This means that data will not be conveyed to a third party without the knowledge and/or authorization of data subjects in the cases where Yourself Apparel is thus legally bound.

As such, Yourself Apparel ensures that its collaborators only access said data as needed to perform a given action. Collaborators are identified and monitored according to functions and tasks assigned to them in the scope of their contractual relationship.

4. Data subject rights

4.1 Right to Information and Right of Access to Personal Data

Customers have the right to request information about stored personal data at any time regarding category, origin, and recipient(s), data retention period, processing purposes, identification of the data controller, data protection officer and respective contacts.

4.2 Right to rectification and erasure of personal data

To exercise his or her right to rectify data, the customer must send their request identifying the data to be modified and its new enunciation by e-mail to [email protected] or through a phone call to +351 916700484. The same process must be followed if the customer wishes to exercise their right to erasure of personal data. 

4.3 Right to object and withdrawal of prior consent

To strengthen the principle of transparency in the processing of personal data and customer communications, Yourself Apparel allows the customer to modify the data processing permissions granted for each of the indicated purposes at any time. To do so, he/she should send an e-mail to [email protected] 

5. Changes to Contact and Privacy Policy

5.1 Any changes made to this Data Protection and Privacy Policy shall be posted on the Yourself Apparel website. 

Information regarding online dispute resolution pursuant to Art. 14 Para. 1 of the ODR (Online Dispute Resolution Regulation):

The European Commission gives consumers the opportunity to resolve online disputes pursuant to Art. 14 Para. 1 of the ODR on one of their platforms. The platform (http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr) serves as a site where consumers can try to reach out-of-court settlements of disputes arising from online purchases and contracts for services.